COMPETITION – Immortalize your name forever in the Voices series

Ever wanted to see your name in print, forever immortalised in writing? Do you want to be a named character in a book who I will most likely kill off in some gnarly, gory fashion? (Full disclosure – some of my characters have been known to die.) Well, I’m offering one person the chance to have a character named after them in Book 3 (due to be published Summer 2019). It will be a character of my creation but it will have YOUR name (or a friend/loved one’s name of your choosing*).

I will also send you a finished early proof copy of the book once one becomes available (up to four whole months prior to official publication), so you can show all your friends and family that you will now live on into eternity.

“How can I make this happen?!” I hear you all cry. Easy! You just need to pre-order my new book HUNTED and show me your legit proof of purchase – be it a screenshot of an email, a photograph of an order, or whatever form it comes in.

Send your entries to, and please attach the photo/screenshot to your email. In the Subject box write ‘HEY, TODD, I WANNA BE IN YOUR BOOK’ and be sure to tell me exactly what name you’d like to see used**.

The winner will be picked (at my discretion) and informed via email on HUNTED’s publication day: 31st May 2018.


You can order a copy from Amazon in hardback or in ebook for your Kindle or Kobo.

Or maybe you fancy a limited Special Edition version from Goldsboro Books (signed, numbered and with beautiful sprayed-edge pages). Only 250 copies to be printed.

Perhaps you’re more of a Waterstones or Foyles customer and would rather order from them.

And there’s always WHSmith, Blackwell’s, Wordery, and to consider, too.

Lots of options. Good luck!


*Any name put forward must be a useable name and not some made-up one like Booky McBookface. I know what people are like. I’m covering my bases.
**Seriously, I’m not calling a character Wanky P. Noodlemeister.


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