An Asylum of Authors

Asylum (collective noun); a group of authors. I’ve been using this term for a little while now. It fits, I think. Even when we’re at our most steady – in between deadlines, maybe, taking advantage of the occasional chunlulla 😉 – that madness lurks in the periphery, giggling to itself, rubbing its little hands in […]

Bad badminton

For the very first time yesterday, my badminton partner yelled “Bastard!”. It was a shock, let me tell you. You see, she is sixty years old (ish), and is, without exception, kind, polite and gracious, even in defeat – she is everything I imagine a member of the WI should be. Her usual vocab during play, after […]

Blogs, books and serial commas

Let me start off with saying I LOVE SERIAL COMMAS. I’m trying to wean myself off them, though. Mainly because they all get eradicated in copy edits and it hurts my little heart when each one dies. However, as a writer, I think it’s important for you to understand where I stand on such matters. […]