Welcome, welcome. My name is Gemma but abbreviations of Gem, GT, GX, Toddy, Tood, etc., are all absolutely fine. (Or, just flash an X by crossing your arms and yell “GXT!!” at me, which my bro’s friend does every time he sees me. I’d probably answer to that, too.) I’m an author and mobile librarian from the West Midlands in the UK, and I’ve been put on this earth to write stuff and eat Mint Chocolate Aero.

Here are a list of key words/topics you will be seeing a lot of in my blogs: books, writing, pyjamas, PS4, libraries, podcasting (I help host ThankBookFor podcasts with Tom), editing, not seeing daylight for many days, LEGO builds, movie watching, music, diets (not sticking to them) and healthy pursuits (probably not pursuing them), and road trips in the States.

My first book, DEFMOBILE LIBRARY 22 SL 14ENDER, came out on 12th January 2017, published by Headline. It’s the first book in the The Voices series, which is a…quadrilogy? …a quartet? I should probably check what they’re called. Anyway, there are four books, each one being released in hardback for the next four years, with the paperback following around six months later.

I have a wonderful agent by the name of Camilla Wray (from the Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency). I believe she is actively looking for talent, so do shoot off a nicely polished submission to her. She really is swell.

So buckle your seatbelts, folks, it’s a pretty big adventure I’m about to embark on. I’ll pay for gas if you get the nibbles for the road (peanut M&Ms are the best – the crispy shell stops ’em melting inside a hot car). And always remember: use your indicators/turn signals before pulling into and out of traffic. It’s the sensible thing to do.

Mobile Library interior small

Find DEFENDER to buy on Amazon (in hardback, paperback, e-book and audio) and get ready to #HearTheVoices.