5 in 1: Five Blog Posts from the DEFENDER Blog Tour (Jan 2017)

I wrote five very interesting posts for the DEFENDER Launch Blog Tour this January, so I thought I’d put handy links to each one I did. (I really thought this would only take me 30mins to do. NINETY MINUTES LATER…)

My Favourite TV Shows of 2016 (Link broken. Sorry)

(Hosted by my bro @girlvsbooks)

Highlights include me admitting I didn’t actually finish one series I list here, and how I barely watch any comedy. Oh, and that I can’t spell “stranger” for some reason.

The Best Immersive Videogames for Storytelling

(Hosted by fellow gamer and book lover Drew)

I’ve always been a gamer, all the way from my Mega Drive days. In this post, I talk about the games I’ve enjoyed most for their cinematic and wholly immersive storylines.

Five Places I’ve Visited in America That Will Feature in The Voices Series

(Hosted by the lovely Hollie)

You guys are so lucky with this one because I include PICTURES, and also witty tales of when I had a sore butt and food poisoning. Good times.

Movies I Loved in 2016 (and what I’m pants-wettingly excited about seeing in 2017)

(Hosted by the ever supportive Janet Emson)

I LOVE FILMS. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a bit of a nut for movies. I have a super elite Cineworld Unlimited cinema card (along with 1.2 million other people in the UK), so yeah. I’m the real deal. Honestly, if you even slightly like movies, you should read this. I’m an ace film critic.

My Top LEGO Builds for Kids of All Ages (Link broken. Sorry)

(Hosted by the sweeet Maria)

Oh my, are you in for a treat. I had so much fun writing this post. Also taking pictures. And building LEGO. If you need a personal LEGO shopper, like Rhoda did the other day, don’t hesitate to contact me. My fee is competitive.

Ten Books I Read as a Kid That Turned me into a Book-Devouring Monster (Link broken. Sorry)

(Hosted by my Twitter buddy Rhoda)

For the last day of the DEFENDER Launch Blog Tour, we go down memory lane. I utilise pictures again, because it’s fun, and generally wonder what the hell kind of kid I was to read such weird stuff. My poor, poor parents.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed and want to buy my book, please click here.


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