5 in 1: Five Blog Posts from the DEFENDER Blog Tour (Jan 2017)

I wrote five very interesting posts for the DEFENDER Launch Blog Tour this January, so I thought I’d put handy links to each one I did. (I really thought this would only take me 30mins to do. NINETY MINUTES LATER…) My Favourite TV Shows of 2016 (Link broken. Sorry) (Hosted by my bro @girlvsbooks) Highlights […]

Massive Round Up: I LOVE rating stuff

I’m going to blast through the last five weeks and do a round up of books, films and activities I’ve enjoyed (or not enjoyed) and rate them all. I handed in Book 2 of The Voices series to my publishers on 19th September, so I’ve spent at a good couple of weeks catching up on stuff. So, here we go. FILMS Kubo […]

The Haunting of Michael D Magee

Over the weekend I binge-watched around 120 paranormal YouTube videos posted by Michael D Magee. They amounted to approximately six hours of viewing. Why? Two reasons. 1) We’d recently asked Michael if he would be interested in being interviewed for a ThankBookFor Halloween podcast special*; and 2) because once I started to watch, I became more […]