Rushed and Ranting

I had twenty minutes to write this blog before my nieces descended on me (and two of my writer pals had inspired me to write a post after reading their great recent blog posts, found here: and So I ran upstairs, turned my laptop on, and it promptly began configuring Windows updates. For eight minutes. So now I have twelve minutes. Except I don’t because THE UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10 BOX INSISTS ON BOOTING UP EVERY TIME AND LOCKS ME OUT OF STARTING WORD FOR ANOTHER THRITY SECONDS. Goddamn you, Windows…

So, this blog post is going to be crap, and I blame Windows, my nieces, Phoebe and Kate for inspiring me; basically everyone but me. I was supposed to be conducting a ThankBookFor podcast right this second with Mike Gayle (!!), but we had to cancel last minute due to projectile vomiting (not mine, thankfully, and not all over Mike Gayle) and will have to reschedule. All of this has made me feel very antsy and at a loose end and I apologise that I’m writing this non-blog to make up for it. I do have a lot to say about what I’ve been up to this week (London trips and a book launch and beating Polish Tax forms and successfully navigating HMRC without killing anyone and *mumbles* meeting Mike Gayle), but I’ll write all that up when I have longer than six minutes to compose it in.

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