Blogs, books and serial commas

Let me start off with saying I LOVE SERIAL COMMAS. I’m trying to wean myself off them, though. Mainly because they all get eradicated in copy edits and it hurts my little heart when each one dies. However, as a writer, I think it’s important for you to understand where I stand on such matters. I also like semi-colons; I find them useful.

Anyhow, why am I writing a blog? Mainly to share a few of my views on subjects such as *takes a deep breath* books I’ve been reading, books I’ve failed to read yet, books I tried to read but couldn’t finish for one reason or another, book launches and events I attend, authors I like, writing stuff, publication stuff, library stuff (I work on a mobile library van) and everything else that falls into the crannies between these areas. I’ll try and do blogs on the road, too, when I’m out gallivanting and taking part in cool bookish chit-chat with regulars, friends and colleagues. Oh, and I’ll be road-raging quite a bit, too. I have A LOT to say about other road users. So yep, prepare yourselves for that – I’ll try not to swear too much.

This first post is going to be short and sweet (here’s where I say “just like me!” but 1. I’m of average height, and 2. I seriously question whether I’ve ever, in my entire life, been described as ‘sweet’). So yep, I’ll be back as soon as I’ve got something interesting to say. Hopefully tomorro- (OMG, I just glanced up at the TV in time to see a woman in labour pop out a newborn from her nether regions. Blimey! I fancied a digestive biscuit, but now I think I’ll give it a miss…)

Diet: +1.

Bearing children: -a gazillion.

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