Writers in Cars: Carpool with the nieces

My eldest niece, Isabelle, has been bugging me for ages, wanting to be in a YouTube video, so she and her sister, Scarlett, join me for today’s WiC’s carpool.
In this episode, we offer our film verdict on Finding Dory, buy two Mashem Finding Dory toys, play #SaturdayBookSave, and try and get my mom to say “phenomenon” (which she can’t pronounce). Oh, and I road-rage a tiny bit.

One thought on “Writers in Cars: Carpool with the nieces

  1. Hi this is so lovely! You are a great auntie! My kids (daughter age 6 and boy age 8) are constantly bugging me for toys in the supermarket.. We almost had meltdown today over a toy car. I’m sure that mine would have been playing with the weights as well. Weeks ago we got Mr Stink out of the library, my 8 year old still needs to read it.. He is more interested in computer games. I haven’t been brave enough to film a vlog with my kids in but I am sure they would love it, just as your nieces did.


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