Writers in Cars Vlog: Pinch, punch, first of the month

On the first of every month, my mom casually walks over to me, grabs my arm and proceeds to pinch and punch me while gleefully reciting the rhyme in this blog’s title. And, without fail, every single month she takes me by surprise; mainly because I’ve slept 29+ times since the last time she did it, but also because my mom very rarely physically attacks me, so I’m always taken off-guard. So that was a lovely start to my day.

ANYWAY, maternal abuse isn’t the theme of today’s blog, it’s just a non-related segue into this month’s car vlog. I say “this month’s” because I haven’t done one for a while and I’m awful at keeping up-to-date with them. This one does include Fruit and Nut and jam tarts, a trip to a cemetery, and me being rained on, though, so it’s full of excitement.

Enjoy  🙂

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