My 6 Favourite ThankBookFor Podcast Moments: Series 1

To commemorate the ending of series 1 of the ThankBookFor podcasts, I wanted to do a round-up of my Top Six Favourite Moments. But first, let me just give you the spiel. ThankBookFor is an initiative that celebrates all things story-related, namely through reading, books, and creating and sharing stories. The easiest and most time efficient […]

Rankin your writing: is yours King?

I had a discussion the other day with some fellow writers about how we all felt about writing. Did we see it as a profound and worthy endeavour? Did we see it as a bit of fun, a hobby? Where did we place it in terms of importance in our lives? I found that I […]

Bad badminton

For the very first time yesterday, my badminton partner yelled “Bastard!”. It was a shock, let me tell you. You see, she is sixty years old (ish), and is, without exception, kind, polite and gracious, even in defeat – she is everything I imagine a member of the WI should be. Her usual vocab during play, after […]