GXT Presents: The Writers in Cars Vlog

The first vlog from half of the Writers in Cars team (the new podcast of which can be heard here: https://www.spreaker.com/user/8786734/writers-in-cars-episode-one-how-we-got-o). This is an introduction to me (Gemma, in case you forgot which blog you were reading 🙂 ) and why I’m embarking on a new vlog journey when I have no real idea what I’m doing. And a small peek into a Mobile Library Unit.

One thought on “GXT Presents: The Writers in Cars Vlog

  1. Hi, great video and comforting. I have a man in my writing group telling me to stop writing my blog because it will damage my novel writing. To me writing on my blog helps develop my writing skills and so helps my novel. The group also say I don’t need a platform.. everywhere I read, I do. So I’m ignoring the advice of my writing group and carrying on.
    Yes social media is very addictive. My plan for this morning was to write a poem and read more of Defender. Right now Defender is next to me and the kids are laying here playing games. The joys of annual leave and school holiday. I can spend hours on my blog and Facebook.. you just get sucked in!
    Hope you are getting on okay and not to stressed, very busy with writing pressures!
    Anyway lovely to see your library.. very early video. Thanks for sharing!


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